Spelling list: Words ending in tle

The /t´l/ sound at the end of a word is usually spelled tle.

bottle Put the cork back in the bottle.
title An heir, is the person who will get someone's title or property after their death. *
beetle We saw a large beetle fly by today.
battle A battle was fought on this site.
cattle The local farmer reared cattle.
rattle The baby shook his rattle toy. *
kettle Put the kettle on for coffee.
nettle The nettle was really prickly. *
settle Saxons and Vikings chose to settle in Britain. *
little She's only a little mite.
brittle Wine glasses can be very brittle.
skittle At the bowling alley, I knocked over a skittle. *
throttle The engines were at full throttle. *
shuttle The shuttle took the astronauts to the space station. *
gentle Be very gentle with the tiny kitten.
startle Loud bangs startle my dog.
turtle Turtle eggs are laid in a hole in the sand.

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Learn about these words in Unit 26. Word endings: -le, and exceptions e.g. al, el, ol

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