Spelling list: Words ending in gle

The /g l/ sound at the end of a word is usually spelled gle.

bugle He played a bugle in the brass band.
angle His body was bent at an awkward angle.
bangle She wore a gold bangle on her wrist.
jangle I can hear the chains jangle.
strangle In the film he tried to strangle his enemy.
haggle We will haggle to get a lower price.
giggle The funny joke made the little girl giggle. *
wiggle Some people can wiggle their ears up and down.
mingle The police will mingle amongst the crowd.
single I don't believe a single word you said.
tingle My hands are so cold they tingle.
juggle This entertainer can juggle with six balls.
smuggle It is illegal to smuggle forbidden goods.
struggle The class will struggle to understand this poem.
jungle The explorer was deep in the jungle. *
burgle Why did they choose to burgle you?
gurgle The baby's gurgle delighted her dad.
squiggle She signed her name with a squiggle.
wriggle The cave explorers had to wriggle through the tunnel.

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