Spelling list: Words ending in ble

The /b l/ sound at the end of a word is usually spelled ble.

bible Do you read the Bible?
cable Is this cable long enough to reach the TV?
noble His bravery was a noble act.
table Please set the table ready for dinner.
bobble The baby's woollen hat has a blue bobble.
hobble My sore ankle made me hobble.
wobble Jellies wobble a lot. *
nibble Peter couldn't resist having a nibble of his biscuit. *
scribble My little sister did a scribble on the paper. *
bubble There was a bubble of soap floating through the kitchen.
wobble Jellies wobble a lot. *
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trouble Please take the trouble to get things done well.
scrabble A hen will scrabble in the dust for corn.
gamble In some countries it is against the law to gamble.
ramble We like to ramble through the woods.
scramble The climbers scrambled up the rocky hillside.
tumble Suddenly the old lady took a tumble and fell. *
grumble Grandad will grumble about everything. *
warble Birds warble when they sing with different notes.

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