Spelling list: al as a suffix

If the /l/ sound at the end of a word is a suffix it is always spelled al.

arrival The arrival of the Queen was marked by a fanfare.
bridal Her bridal gown was spectacular.
burial The church had several burial grounds.
central The bank was fairly central in the city.
comical The clown's act was very comical.
emotional He made an emotional appeal for information.
global Is global warming the cause of climate change?
intentional It was not intentional, I did not mean to annoy you.
international International is to do with more than one country. *
magical The stage lighting had a magical effect.
national National is to do with the whole country. *
optional Optional means not compulsory.
personal My teacher takes a personal interest in my progress.
seasonal The city had many seasonal visitors. *
survival Food is one of the basic needs for survival.
topical A news website deals with topical matters.
tropical Orchids grow in tropical lands.

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