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Study the word list: Group 3 List 21

Prefixes -un, -dis and -mis

unknown The actual results were unknown.
misprint The festival poster had a misprint and showed the wrong date.
disapprove She knew the PE teacher would disapprove of earrings. *
uneven I tripped on the uneven pavement. *
misbehave Do not misbehave in class.
unaware I was unaware that you were there! *
misspell Try not to misspell any of your spelling in the Friday test! *
dissimilar Unlike or dissimilar. *
unhappy I was extremely unhappy with my meal. *
mistreat Jason loves his dog and would never mistreat it. *
dislike He made no secret of his dislike for custard. *
unequal The division of the money was unequal.
mistrust If you are dishonest once, I will always mistrust you. *
disappoint As long as you try your best you won't disappoint me.
unpaid My dinner money has been unpaid for a whole term now! *
displease It would displease me if you forget my birthday. *
unpacked We unpacked our bags as soon as we arrived at the hotel. *
disagree I often disagree with my brother! *

This public word list was created by Kilburn Junior School within the folder Year 3 Team Courage

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