Spelling list: Common words - set 1

Take care with these common words. They are often spelled wrongly.

why Why are you crying?
which Which cake would you like.
who See who is at the door.
whom To whom is the letter addressed?
whose Whose book is this?
they They serve the best steak in town.
these Some of these words are hard to spell.
live They live in a very small house.
give I'll give you a ride home.
done At last I've done all my work.
some Would you like some fish and chips?
come I'll come round to your house.
once I'll only tell you once.
said I said that film was no good.
before Buy now before it's too late.
what What are you wearing that hat for?

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Learn about these words in Unit 18. Irregular common words – common errors e.g. would, who, does

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