Spelling list: Group 3 List 13

Prefixes: Dis; in; mis; il

disappoint As long as you try your best you won't disappoint me.
misbehave Do not misbehave in class.
disagree I often disagree with my brother! *
disobey If I disobey my parents, they will not be pleased. *
misspell Try not to misspell any of your spellings in the Thursday test! *
disable The instructions showed how to disable the alarm. *
misuse If you misuse the laptop computer, it could break. *
discount I bought this TV at a discount.
misread I misread the time and was late. *
inactive The dead or inactive pathogen material used in vaccination. *
illuminate The spotlight will illuminate the entertainer so everyone in the audience can see him. *
incorrect If only one word is incorrect you are doing well.
illegal The traffic warden gave me a ticket for illegal parking.
independent We are all trying to become independent learners. *
illogical The sentence she created didn't make sense, it was completely illogical. *
invisible The hills were invisible in the thick mist.
illegible The essay was badly written and nearly illegible. *
insecure The insecure lock fell to the floor. *

This public word list was created by Kilburn Junior School within the folder Year 3 Team Courage

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