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barber The barber preferred cutting short hairstyles.
blacksmith The blacksmith worked at the anvil all day.
bodyguard Some people employ bodyguards for protection.
carpenter He was a master carpenter.
coach They went by coach to the beach.
electrician An electrician mended my lights. *
farmer The local farmer reared cattle.
firefighter The firefighters quickly put out the blaze.
fisherman The fisherman had a successful day at sea.
guard The security guard noticed the group because they acted suspiciously. *
guide The tour guide led us up the hill.
hairdresser Willow wants to be a hairdresser. *
janitor The janitor cleaned the school.
masseuse Many athletes use a masseuse.
mechanic A good mechanic can fix any make of car.
notary The notary examined the legal documents.
plumber To fix the sink the plumber needed a better tool.
police The gunman was fleeing from the police.
postman The postman delivered a parcel. *
repairman The repairman came to fix the car.

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