Spelling list: Acids and Alkalis

alkali Sodium hidroxide is an alkali. *
corrosive Nitric acid is corrosive. *
dilute To dilute is to make a liquid weaker or thinner by adding more liquid, often water. *
indicator We use an indicator to tell us if our solution is an acid or an alkali. *
litmus Litmus paper is used as an indicator in science. *
neutral Neutral is neither acid nor alkaline. *
vinegar Vinegar is an acidic everyday household substance. *
irritant The gas released from the reaction happening in this experiment is very irritant for your eyes. *
harmful Some mushrooms are harmful if eaten.
corrosive Acid is corrosive to metal. *
acid The acid caused corrosion.
hazard A hazard is a threat from an event which will have a negative effect on humans. *
neutralization American English spelling The effect of the acid is cancelled out by the alkali in this solution. *
pHmeter Scientists wanting to make a number of pH readings may use a pH meter. *
antacid The excess acid in this reaction can be neutralized by adding a weak alkali. *
vigorous Running in a sprint is vigorous exercise. *

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