Spelling list: -o words - a mixture

On the end of these words the long /o/ sound is spelled with just the letter o.

cargo The ships reached the port, loaded with cargo.
domino A domino is a small game piece marked with 0-6 dots.
echo Shout across the valley to hear the echo.
halo The ring of light around the moon is called a halo.
hero The film's hero killed the villain.
judo The judo champion wears a black belt.
logo The MacDonalds logo is a golden arch.
memo Send me a memo about the meeting.
photo Would you like to see a photo of our baby?
veto If you veto something you refuse to agree to it.
casino I visited a casino in Las Vegas.
curio Antique markets are often full of curio stalls.
inferno A huge blaze is an inferno.
patio We had a barbecue on the patio.
studio A recording studio should be sound proof.
tornado Was the damage caused by a tornado?
torpedo The submarine shot a torpedo. *
volcano When will the volcano next erupt?
yo-yo My son loves playing with his yo-yo.
zero Water freezes when the temperature is zero.

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