Spelling list: y on the end

On the end of a word the most common way to spell the long /i/ sound is with the letter y.

cry Children cry when they are upset.
dry Wait for a dry spell to cut the hay.
fry Shall we fry that chicken for dinner?
fly Birds fly high in the sky.
sly A sly person is underhand and cunning.
spy James Bond is a spy in many films.
shy Deer are very shy animals.
why Please explain why you are late.
apply He wanted to apply for a new job.
comply We must comply with the rules about safety.
imply To imply something is to hint it.
supply We can supply your order next week.
defy Rob tried to defy his mother's wishes.
deny Do not deny that you scratched the car.
rely You can rely on Brad to be on time.
reply I need a reply by the weekend.
identify I could identify him by his very long hair.
magnify If the print is too small you can magnify it.
multiply Wild rabbits can multiply very quickly.
July I'm going to Spain in July.

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