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Study the word list: Year 6 Spring Term Week 5

stopping The rubber band around his wrist was stopping his circulation.
emergency Call the ambulance, it's an emergency.
destination He set off for his destination in ample time.
generally It is generally accepted that regular exercise is good for you. *
prevent Brush your teeth every day to prevent decay.
destructive The bomb was very destructive. *
between Come and sit between us.
transported The bus transported the children. *
released The band released their latest album to much praise.
extinguishing The firemen took a long time extinguishing the fires. *
headquarters The suspect was taken to the police headquarters. *
important A General is an important army officer.
inspecting The doctor spent a long time inspecting the broken leg. *
challenging Avant-garde is any art style which is challenging and not popular. *
strength Energy is the strength or power to work.
excellent Karl has drawn an excellent picture with houses, telegraph poles and trees all in perspective. *
physically He found running ten miles to be physically draining. *
families In the city of Verona there were two families. *

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