Spelling list: y words

On the end of a word the most common way to spell the long /e/ sound is with the letter y. Here are just a few of those words. Note: this is not a strong /e/ sound. It can sometimes sound like a short /i/.

angry It's plain to see you are angry.
army In the army they learn to march.
baby The baby gave a loud wail.
berry The holly berry is bright red.
body The body had lain there for weeks.
cherry Would you like a cherry with your ice-cream?
copy You shouldn't copy the work of others.
curry Use some ginger to spice up the curry.
duty The doctor is on night duty this week.
empty The coffee jar is empty.
every Brush your teeth every day to prevent decay.
family Sam comes from a very large family.
hungry My dog is always hungry.
lady Mike gave up his seat for an old lady.
marry They plan to marry in the summer.
party Will Jeff invite us to his party?
sorry I'm sorry to hear you are ill.
memory My memory for spelling is getting better.
penalty His penalty for stealing was a big fine.
injury The injury left a scar.

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