Spelling list: ee words - set 2

Use ee in the middle and sometimes on the end of a word to spell a long /e/ sound. This list looks at the long e sound in longer words.

between Come and sit between us.
thirteen Fourteen is the number after thirteen. *
fourteen Two sevens are fourteen.
eighteen Two nines are eighteen.
engineer A person who works with machines is an engineer.
volunteer Who will volunteer to help me?
pioneer The first American settlers had pioneer spirit.
refugee The lives of refugees can be hard.
agree Do you agree it's time to go home?
coffee Do you like cream in your coffee?
degree It's ten degrees cooler today.
committee The committee meet today.
absentee Karen was the only absentee from school yesterday.
referee The referee blew his whistle at the end of the game.
chimpanzee A chimpanzee is an intelligent ape.
guarantee My new laptop has a three year guarantee.

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