Spelling list: ay words - set 1

On the end of a word the most common way to spell the long /a/ sound is with the letters ay.

day You can have a day off next week.
hay Wait for a dry spell to cut the hay.
lay Male birds do not lay eggs.
may Please may I have a piece of cake?
pay I insist it's my turn to pay for the drinks.
ray A ray of sunshine lit up the wall.
say They say it's a wonderful place to visit.
way He looked at me in a very odd way.
clay They dug up a huge amount of clay.
gray American English spelling My hair is beginning to go gray.
pray Muslims pray in a mosque.
tray Put the glasses on the tray.
slay Did St George slay a dragon?
stay Stay there, do not move.
sway We watched them sway in time to the music.
spray Spray the room to freshen the air.
stray Stray cats are often very thin.

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