Spelling list: wa words

After w the short sound /o/ is usually spelled with the letter a.

wad He had a wad of notes in his wallet.
wand Harry Potter had a magic wand.
want All the crews wanted to win the sailing race.
was There was great relief at the rescue.
wash This washing machine is the latest model.
wasp Walter was stung by a wasp.
watch What is the value of this old watch?
what What are you wearing that hat for?
wander I wandered through the empty streets.
wallet He has a wallet full of $100 bills.
warrant The police had a warrant to search the house.
swab Clean the cut with a swab.
swamp Don't fall in the muddy swamp.
swan The swan got stuck in the swamp.
swap Will you swap some of your cards for mine?
swat Swat that wasp before it stings me.
swallow A swallow was flying up above.

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