Spelling list: Short /i/ spelled y: Set 2

These are some longer, quite hard words with the short sound /i/ spelled with the letter y.

analysis He wrote an analysis of the piece of music.
anonymous I wonder who sent this anonymous letter.
cymbal The drummer hit the cymbal.
gymnasium To get fit, work out at the gymnasium.
hypnosis He stopped smoking by having hypnosis.
hypocrite She's no friend, she's a hypocrite.
hysterical She became hysterical at the sight of blood.
physical Physical exercise is good for your health.
rhythm James plays rhythm guitar.
syllable A syllable is a beat in a word.
syllabus Our maths syllabus includes the study of angles.
symphony The orchestra played a new symphony.
sympathetic I am sympathetic to your feelings.
systematic We must approach the problem in a systematic manner.

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