Spelling list: Short a words

There is only one way to spell the short /a/ sound: with the letter a.

absent William was absent during class today. add to list
active He was active in the field of science. add to list
actor The actor got his cue to go on stage. add to list
address What is your new home address? add to list
album The band released their latest album to much praise. add to list
affect The government cuts will affect everyone. add to list
animal I heard the roar of a wild animal. add to list
atlas When I drive I occasionally use an atlas. add to list
bandit He was the most infamous bandit in the county. add to list
camel We rode to the pyramids by camel. add to list
dagger The pirate pulled a dagger from his belt. add to list
factory A consignment of goods was sent from the factory. add to list
hammer The sculptor worked with a hammer and a chisel. add to list
ladder A broken ladder caused the accident. add to list
magnify If the print is to small you can magnify it. add to list
panic There was panic when the ship started to sink. add to list
rabbit Would your rabbit like a carrot? add to list
saddle There was a saddle on the horse. * add to list
January It is colder in January than June. * add to list

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