Spelling list: Words ending in LE

terrible There was a terrible hurricane. add to list
example Superlative is saying something is the best, worst, most or least, for example. * add to list
possible Ambiguity is a word or phrase which has more than one possible meaning. * add to list
capable Are you capable of cooking such a large meal? add to list
struggle She will struggle to get her homework finished on time at this rate. * add to list
humble add to list
article That newspaper article is libellous. add to list
battle A battle was fought on this site. add to list
rifle The soldier had one cartridge left in his rifle. add to list
settle Saxons and Vikings chose to settle in Britain. * add to list

This public word list was created by Charalambos Georgiou

* This sentence was added by a Spellzone user.

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