Spelling list: Adjectives ending in ous

When you hear the /us/ sound on the end of an adjective it is spelled ous.

adventurous My Scout leader is very adventurous.
anonymous I wonder who sent this anonymous letter.
disastrous The General's battle plan was disastrous.
enormous Elephants are enormous. *
fabulous Have a fabulous time at the party.
famous Vin Scully is a famous baseball commentator.
generous Thank you for your generous donation.
hazardous Travel to Mars could be very hazardous.
jealous She has a very jealous boyfriend.
joyous The birth of their baby was a joyous occasion.
miraculous He has made a miraculous recovery.
mischievous He is not malicious, just a little mischievous. *
momentous Their wedding will be a momentous occasion.
mountainous A large part of Austria is mountainous.
nervous It was really clear that he was terribly nervous. *
numerous He has had numerous offers of employment.
prosperous The film star is marrying a prosperous banker.
ravenous Let's eat soon, I'm really ravenous.
ridiculous The way he was behaving was a little bit ridiculous. *
tremendous There was a tremendous roar when the goal was scored. *

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