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Study the word list: Using tch to spell the /ch/ sound

After a short vowel the /ch/ sound is usually spelled tch - but don´t forget the rule-breakers: rich much such which.

hatch We saw some ducklings hatch.
latch The old door is fitted with a brass latch.
snatch A child should not snatch toys from his friends.
watch We'll watch that quiz next.
stretch Stretch to warm up before you run.
witch There was a wicked witch.
stitch Dan stitched up the torn seam of his coat.
crutch The injured man used a crutch.
clutch Push the clutch all the way in before you change gear.
kitchen A dishwasher is a kitchen appliance.
butcher Buy meat at the butcher's shop.
hatchet A hatchet is a small axe.
ketchup John likes ketchup on his food.
match To align means to match up alongside.

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