Spelling list: Some ch words

The usual way to spell the sound /ch/ is with the letters ch.

chain There was a broken link in the chain.
charm Her eyes were enough to charm me.
chat Do you have time for a quick chat?
cheese Protein is found in meat, fish and cheese.
cherry Would you like a cherry with your ice-cream?
chess I challenge you to a game of chess.
chicken They had chicken for lunch.
children *
chop Could you chop some wood for the fire?
choose We need to choose a new leader.
church The bridegroom was late for church.
bench They sat together on the park bench.
bunch He bought me a huge bunch of flowers.
coach They went by coach to the beach.
lunch Have a biscuit with your lunch.
march In the army they learn to march.
speech This is the first draft of my speech.
teacher The teacher gave me good advice.
torch In the USA a torch is called a flashlight.

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