Some examples of the homophones taught during the Spellzone program


homophones - learn to spell similar sounding words

Homophones from this section:

If you confuse these words the computer spellchecker will not spot your mistake - so it is especially important to learn them.

From Unit 6, short vowel sounds:
led - shown the way

lead - a heavy, soft metal
The tour guide led us up the hill.

The roof was made of lead.
Learning tip to help your spelling Lead has the letter a - so does metal.

From Unit 12, the sound /air/:

air - atmosphere

heir - successor

The scent of roses hung in the air.

The Prince is heir to the throne.

Learning tip to help your spelling He i r = He is ready to be King.

From Unit 20, the 'soft c' sound:
peace - opposite of war

piece - part, section
If the baby is asleep there is peace and quiet.

Don't eat it all, leave me a piece.
Learning tip to help your spelling A piece of pie

From Unit 33, word endings -ant, -ent:
current -
1) flow of eg. water
2) ongoing, in use

currant - small dried grape

1) The river had a strong current.
2) Read about current events in the paper.

This cake is full of currants.
Learning tip to help your spelling Think of
1) river with e and current with e

2) cake with a and currant with a -
or think of the currants in the cake as being ants.

Many more homophones are included in nearly every Unit - not all have 'Learning Tips';  sometimes you are asked to invent your own 'memory joggers'. Unit 2 gives ideas on how to remember those tricky words.


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