Spelling Ability Test

What does the Spelling Ability Test do?

  • Evaluates the spelling ability of students.
  • Creates a Course Pathway for each student.
  • Enables students to start immediately and continue without teacher intervention.
  • Documents student achievements and provides evidence of progress.
  • Re-tests to assess learning.

How does the Spelling Ability Test work?

  • Students are asked to spell a series of words which gradually increase in difficulty.
  • Each word relates to a particular Spellzone Course unit.
  • The Spelling Ability Test assesses when the student finds the test difficult and will finish the test.
  • The test then determines which units each student will need to study.
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Three steps to spelling success...

1. The Spelling Ability Test
Take the test to get a baseline score
and a personal course pathway.
2. Spelling Course
Work through your personal course
pathway based on phonic progression.
3. Word Lists
1,000s of targeted lists or your own to
use with fun activities and worksheets.

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