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Spelling Essentials is designed for use in secondary school classrooms with the 11-14 age-group but is also suitable for older students with spelling difficulties . It covers 42 different topics, including the basics of spelling and many areas which cause problems for example:

  • when to use double letters
  • 'ough' words
  • confusable words
    e.g. homophones court/caught, main/mane.
  • which ending:
    -tion, -sion or -cian ? -able or -ible ? -ant or -ent
Students are also shown how to set up a system for self-recording personal errors and there are many tips on how to learn these spellings The course consists of a 'Student book' which is used to introduce each topic and a photo-copiable 'Homework File', which provides a variety of follow-up exercises.

Stile Dyslexia is a set of 8 books for dyslexic students of all ages. It was written to accompany the Dyslexia Institute's Literacy Programme but can also be used alongside any well-structured teaching programme for dyslexics.

Each full-colour book contains 16 exercises, designed for self checking with the popular Stile tray (see details below.)

The first seven books contain at least one exercise on almost every spelling topic, from the most basic concept of discriminating between single sounds such as /t/ and /d/, through dividing words into syllables, different ways of spelling vowels sounds, to the difficult and less common rules.
Book 8 contains sequencing exercises, an area which many dyslexics find difficult. It covers alphabetical order, dictionary skills and the order of days and months.

Stile Key Stage 2 Phonics and Spelling was written especially for the UK National Literacy Strategy, introduced into primary schools in England and Wales in 1998. The set consists of 14 full colour books each containing 12 exercises, designed for self checking with the popular Stile tray.

The books are for the 7-11 age range (Key Stage 2) but would also be useful for older students with difficulties.

They cover, in great detail, every aspect of the phonics and spelling work in the NLS Framework for this age group. Two 'Foundation Books' provide extra practice in the spelling of vowel sounds covered in Key Stage 1
(age 5-7).

The remaining books are divided into 4 sets of 3 books, one set for each year group. As well as covering all the phonic spelling patterns, suffixing rules etc, the irregular 'high frequency' words e.g. would, their, some etc are included.


Stile Phonics and Spelling 'EXTRA'

The books above have now been published without the year group labels. This makes them even more suitable for use with older students and adults.

Starter Stile Key Stage 1 Phonics and Spelling was published in January 2001. These books cover all the basic phonic work for ages 5-7.

Older students who feel they would like to make a completely fresh start may find some useful material in this basic course.

The Stile Trays

The three sets of Stile books use the very popular self-checking Stile trays. This is a fun, highly motivating system, designed by Westermann Lernspielverlag GmbH, Germany.

The tray is divided into two hinged sections. It contain tiles which have a number on one side and a section of colour on the other. The student moves the tiles from the lid of the tray to the bottom half. In order to place them correctly, he must find the correct answer to the numbered questions in the book.

When each question has been done, the student closes the tray, turns it over and reopens it. If all questions are correct, the coloured pattern will match that on the page. There are over 80 different patterns.

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People say...

"For the first time in my life I am excited about improving my spelling. This course looks just great. There seem to be so many interesting ways at looking at the difficulties."

"I would like to thank you so much for this great website. I have always been ashamed of my spelling but after a few lessons I am already better. It is filling in all the gaps. Thanks."

Student, France