Accessibility: how to change the background colour, font size etc

Some people find that text is easier to read on a different coloured background.

You can change the Spellzone background and the text colour by clicking 'Accessibility' at the top of the screen. You can also:

  • choose a different font
  • make the text larger
  • increase the space between the letters
  • increase the space between the lines


To hide or remove the Accessibility toolbar click 'close'.

To go back to the default Spellzone colours, text and spacing, click 'reset'.


You can also have the teaching text read aloud to you by using RokTalk.

Click on 'SHOW TOOLBAR' on the RokTalk button


The RokTalk toolbar will appear at the bottom of the page

roktalk toolbar

Click the 'Information' button at the right of this toolbar to find
out how to use RokTalk

rok talk information

To clear the toolbar click 'HIDE TOOLBAR' on the RokTalk button
at the top of the page.

rok talk accessibility

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Anne Shisler, SENCO, City of London School for Girls