Spelling games, tests and activites: ea words - set 2

Word list: ea words - set 2.

One way of spelling the long

  • /ē/ sound is using the letters
  • ea
  • . Once you’ve had a go at our beginner’s list of ea words, you can practise spelling the
  • long e sound in these longer
  • ea
  • words.

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    Learn spelling: Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

    Learning activity

    Look, say, cover, write, checkLook, Say, Cover, Write, Check - This is the Spellzone version of 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' which is one of the best ways to learn spellings.

    Spelling test

    Spelling tests

    Listen and spell Listen and Spell - This is a spelling test so only choose it when you are sure you can spell all the words in the word list!

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    help learn English with spelling games

    Spelling games

    Against the clock Against the Clock - Spell a list of words 'against the clock'. This spelling game is a useful exercise for spelling bee competitions.

    Anagram word gameBouncing Anagram - an original anagram spelling game. You can play this game in either slow or normal speed.

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    Word search Word Search - the classic English word game. You can play this game in a small, medium or large format.

    Hangman spelling gameWhich Witch - hangman with a twist. Guess one letter at a time. The Witch loves bad spelling and with every letter you get wrong she grows stronger.

    Asteroid spelling gameAsteroids - an outer-space spelling game. Destroy the asteroids to spell the words. Watch out for the asteroids with incorrect letters.

    Rain word gameRain letters - a spelling game for a rainy day. Catch the letters in the bucket so that you can use them to spell the word and water the flowers.


    You can play the games using different word lists.

    Worksheets and activities

    Printable resources, worksheets and activities

    View our selection of printable spelling resources for the times you wish to work offline.

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