s - noun

  • 1/60 of a minute; the basic unit of time adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites
  • an abundant tasteless odorless multivalent nonmetallic element; best known in yellow crystals; occurs in many sulphide and sulphate minerals and even in native form (especially in volcanic regions)
  • the cardinal compass point that is at 180 degrees
  • a unit of conductance equal to the reciprocal of an ohm
  • the 19th letter of the Roman alphabet
  • (thermodynamics) a thermodynamic quantity representing the amount of energy in a system that is no longer available for doing mechanical work
  • s - thesaurus

    entropy   mho   randomness   sec   second   siemens   south   southward   sulfur American English spelling   sulphur British English spelling  

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