Letters and Sounds: Appendix 3

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Progress check for each phase.
Phase 2
By the end of Phase Two children should:

Phase 3
By the end of Phase Three children should:

Monitor activity and progress of each student in Spellzone:

  • View the results of each test and the answers given to identify errors.
  • Download progress reports.
  • Set the Spelling Ability Test as a task to establish an up-to-date Spellzone Score and Course Pathway.


Phase 4
By the end of Phase Four children should:

Phase 5 (throughout Year )
By the end of Phase Five children should:

  • apply phonic knowledge and skill as the prime approach to reading and spelling unfamiliar words that are not completely decodable;
  • read and spell phonically decodable two-syllable and three-syllable words;
  • read automatically all the words in the list of 100 high-frequency words;
  • accurately spell most of the words in the list of 100 high-frequency words.

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"I would like to thank you so much for this great website. I have always been ashamed of my spelling but after a few lessons I am already better. It is filling in all the gaps. Thanks."

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