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Twenty Idioms for New Beginnings

January always feels like the perfect time of year to make some lifestyle changes – last week we even looked at five New Year’s resolutions to help you improve your spelling. Here are twenty idioms for new beginnings:

  1. a change is as good as a rest – a change of occupation can be as relaxing as a break.

  2. at the crossroads – at the point where you must make the choice between two courses of action with diverging consequences.

  3. early bird catches the worm – the person who takes the earliest opportunity to do something will have an advantage over other people.

  4. a breath of fresh air – a refreshing or invigorating change.

  5. new blood – new members of a group (who usually bring with them fresh ideas about how the group might run).

  6. nothing ventured, nothing gained – without taking risks, you can’t expect to achieve.

  7. to blaze a trail – to innovate in a particular field and thus lead the way for others.

  8. to blow away the cobwebs – to refresh yourself from a state of sluggishness.

  9. to break new ground – to do something innovative in a particular field.

  10. a new lease of life – an occasion or circumstance that leads you to becoming more energetic than you were previously.

  11. to go back to square one – to acknowledge that an idea has been unsuccessful and that you will need to come up with a new one (see to go back to the drawing board).

  12. to go back to the drawing board – to acknowledge that an idea has been unsuccessful and that you will need to come up with a new one (see to go back to square one).

  13. to make a clean breast of it – to admit to your mistakes.

  14. to make headway – to make progress.

  15. to move mountains – to go out of your way and to great efforts to achieve something that seems impossible.

  16. to pave way for – to develop a situation or circumstance that enables something to happen.

  17. to quit cold turkey – to abruptly and completely give something up (i.e. drugs, alcohol, caffeine).

  18. to shake things up – to make significant changes to an already established system.

  19. to start with a clean slate – to put your (usually negative) past behind you and start over.

  20. to turn over a new leaf – to begin to behave in a more responsible manner.

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We’d love to hear about your 2015 spelling goals – whether you’re setting them as an individual, family, or school. Let us know how you’re getting on in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to use #Spellzone2015.

12 Jan 2015
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