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Spelling list: qu and squ words

The /kw/ sound is usually spelled with the letters qu. In English spelling the letter q is almost always followed by u.

Learn about these words in unit 3. Spelling the consonant sounds, Part 2

quick The artist was bored so she drew a quick doodle.
quite He's quite good-looking.
quiet If the baby is asleep there is peace and quiet.
quilt The quilt is filled with feathers from the eider duck.
query I sent my query by email.
question He was reluctant to answer my question.
squid A squid has eight arms.
square There is a fountain in the market square.
liquid Evaporation is a type of vaporisation of a liquid that occurs only on the surface of a liquid. *
request I hope you won't refuse my request.
conquest The small country was his last conquest.
require Playing in a team requires commitment.
equal Make sure you get an equal share.
equator Latitude is how far North or South a place is from the Equator. *
equipment A machine operator installed the equipment. *
inquiry There will be an inquiry into the plane crash.
aquarium There were many exotic fish in the aquarium.
earthquake The earthquake made the ground shake.
inquisitive An inquisitive child asks many questions.

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