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Spelling list: ´gi´ words

Before ´i´ the /j/ sound is usually spelled with the letter ´g´.

Learn about these words in unit 19. Soft g: ge, gi, gy

gin Gin is an alcoholic drink.
gist I will sum up the gist of the argument.
giant In the bible story David killed the giant Goliath.
gigantic The Titanic was a gigantic ship.
ginger Use some ginger to spice up the curry.
gipsy The gipsy caravan was pulled by a large horse.
engine This truck's engine runs on diesel fuel.
engineer A person who works with machines is an engineer.
fragile Fragile means easily broken.
imagine It is fun to imagine winning the lottery. *
imagination Do all novelists need a vivid imagination?
legion A legion is a large group, especially in the army.
magic He has a great knack with magic tricks.
margin Make the margin narrow to give more space for text.
magistrate The magistrate fined her for speeding.
region Wine is grown in this region of France.
religion A religion is based on belief.
register You need to register to use many web sites.
tragic There was a tragic end to the film.

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