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Spelling list: oi and oy words

To spell the /oi/ sound in a word of one syllable, use oi in the middle and oy on the end.

Learn about these words in unit 16. Spelling choices for /oi/ sound: oi, oy

Log in for sound boil Let the water boil before making tea.
Log in for sound foil Cover the meat with foil to keep it warm.
Log in for sound soil This garden soil is good quality.
Log in for sound spoil Please don't spoil the game by cheating.
Log in for sound toil Toil means to work long and hard.
Log in for sound coin Toss a coin to see who pays the bill.
Log in for sound join Let's all join in the singing.
Log in for sound loin Loin of lamb is a very tender meat.
Log in for sound joint My hip joint is hurting after that long run.
Log in for sound void Void means empty or invalid.
Log in for sound hoist Use a hoist to lift a heavy weight.
Log in for sound joist You need a new joist fitted above that door.
Log in for sound moist This chocolate cake is very moist.
Log in for sound choice There's a choice of four desserts.
Log in for sound voice I've a sore throat and I've lost my voice.
Log in for sound noise Did you hear that strange noise?
Log in for sound boy The new boy in school was named Luke.
Log in for sound joy The baby has brought them great joy.
Log in for sound toy That child has far too many toys.

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