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Spelling list: silent letters

knee He needs ointment on his cut knee.
knowledge Try not to baffle him with your knowledge.
wrong He would not concede that he was wrong.
honour British English spelling Address the judge as 'Your Honour'.
receipt Pay the bill and ask for a receipt.
biscuit Have a biscuit with your lunch.
scissors Good scissors need to be kept sharp.
plumber To fix the sink the plumber needed a better tool.
wrist She wore a gold bangle on her wrist.
know Did you know him well?
answer When will you deign to answer me?
Christmas Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December.
climb They set out to climb Mount Everest.
thumb The killer was trapped by his thumb print.
calm Don’t panic, stay calm.
rhyme Time, crime and chime all rhyme.
design Do you like the design of this web site?
circuit He's the fastest round the circuit.

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