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Spelling list: Long /u/ words MCW

Log in for sound group The girls went to see their favourite pop group.
Log in for sound soup Stir the soup. *
Log in for sound route Which is the best route to the coast?
Log in for sound usual That's not my usual place! *
Log in for sound Truth The prisoner would not tell the truth.
Log in for sound produce A tapestry is a fabric upon which coloured threads are woven by hand to produce a design, often pictorial; like the Bayeux Tapestry. *
Log in for sound true Is it true that Luke is dating June?
Log in for sound whose Whose book is this?
Log in for sound sew I need to sew a button on my shirt.
Log in for sound through He put his arms through the lifebelt.
Log in for sound continue We need to assess this situation before we continue.
Log in for sound rescue There was great relief at the rescue.
Log in for sound statue The Statue of Liberty is in New York, America. *
Log in for sound tissue The organs are made up of tissues. *
Log in for sound sure Are you sure you swept this floor?
Log in for sound queue We had to queue to get into the show.
Log in for sound juice Fruit juice is good for your health.
Log in for sound biscuit Have a biscuit with your lunch.
Log in for sound suit Jane has a new suit for her new job.

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