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Spelling list: Words ending in cle

The /k´l/ sound at the end of a word can spelled cle, especially if the word has more than two syllables.

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Log in for sound circle I have a wide circle of friends.
Log in for sound cycle I prefer to cycle to work rather than going by bus.
Log in for sound treacle
Log in for sound uncle Uncle Bill is my closest relative.
Log in for sound article That newspaper article is libellous.
Log in for sound chronicle The news published a chronicle of the historical event.
Log in for sound icicle
Log in for sound particle Scientists believe that everything is made of tiny particles. *
Log in for sound cubicle Lucy changed her clothes in the cubicle.
Log in for sound vehicle Good locks can deter vehicle theft.
Log in for sound manacle
Log in for sound miracle It was a miracle that he was not hurt. *
Log in for sound obstacle The next event was the obstacle course. *
Log in for sound pinnacle
Log in for sound spectacle
Log in for sound tentacle

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