Spelling list: Words ending in cle

The /k l/ sound at the end of a word can spelled cle, especially if the word has more than two syllables.

Learn about these words in Unit 26. Word endings: -le, and exeptions e.g. al, el, ol

circle I have a wide circle of friends.
cycle I prefer to cycle to work rather than going by bus.
treacle Treacle is sweet, black and sticky.
uncle Uncle Bill is my closest relative.
article James wrote an article for the college magazine.
icicle After the freezing night, icicles hung from the window.
particle A particle is a tiny fragment such as a speck of dust.
cubicle Lucy changed her clothes in the cubicle.
vehicle Good locks can deter vehicle theft.
miracle It was a miracle that he was not hurt. *
obstacle The next event was the obstacle course. *
pinnacle The pinnacle of the rock was dangerously pointy. *
spectacle The fireworks were a wonderful spectacle.
tentacle An octopus has eight tentacles.

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