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Spelling list: Silent g words

In these words with the letters gn the letter g is silent

Learn about these words in unit 22. Words with silent letters e.g. wrap, comb, sign, knight

gnome She has a dozen plaster gnomes in her garden.
gnat A gnat is a small biting insect.
gnu The gnu is an African antelope.
gnash To gnash your teeth is to grind them together.
gnarled The trunk of the old tree was gnarled.
sign The sign on the door said "PULL".
design Do you like the design of this web site?
resign If I don't get more pay, I'll resign.
align To align means to match up alongside.
assign We need to assign roles to each employee.
benign A malign tumour is malignant; a benign one is not malignant.
malign A malign tumour is malignant; a benign one is not malignant.
deign Will the boss deign to attend our party?
reign The country prospered under the King's reign.
foreign We love foreign travel.
sovereign A reigning king or queen is a sovereign.
campaign Will you support my campaign for better food?
consignment A consignment of goods was sent from the factory.

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