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Spelling list: Silent l words

In these words the letter l is silent but sometimes it affects the sound of the vowel.

Learn about these words in unit 22. Words with silent letters e.g. wrap, comb, sign, knight

Log in for sound calm Don’t panic, stay calm.
Log in for sound palm There are palm oil trees as far as you can see.
Log in for sound half Ten is half of twenty.
Log in for sound calf One of our cows recently had a calf.
Log in for sound chalk These cliffs are made of chalk.
Log in for sound talk Don't talk with your mouth full.
Log in for sound walk Let's walk home through the park.
Log in for sound folk Folk music is popular with these students.
Log in for sound salmon Salmon is a healthy food.
Log in for sound could We could eat at home or in the burger bar.
Log in for sound would James would like an orange juice.
Log in for sound should A recording studio should be sound proof.

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