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Spelling list: Silent t words

In these words with the letters st the letter t is silent. A few other words also have a silent t.

Learn about these words in unit 22. Words with silent letters e.g. wrap, comb, sign, knight

Log in for sound fasten Fasten your shoe lace before you trip over.
Log in for sound hasten Jim turned up the oven heat to hasten the cooking.
Log in for sound glisten Frost can glisten in the sunlight.
Log in for sound listen Make sure you listen out for my call.
Log in for sound moisten Moisten the cloth then clean the keyboard.
Log in for sound apostle Mark was an apostle of Christ.
Log in for sound thistle Thistle plants were growing among the corn.
Log in for sound whistle The referee blew his whistle at the end of the game.
Log in for sound wrestle We saw the policeman wrestle the burglar to the ground.
Log in for sound mortgage We'll need a bigger mortgage to buy a bigger house.
Log in for sound Christmas Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December.

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