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Spelling list: Silent w words

In words starting with wr the letter w is silent. A few other words also have a silent w.

Learn about these words in unit 22. Words with silent letters e.g. wrap, comb, sign, knight

Log in for sound wreck There is a rusty old wreck on the reef.
Log in for sound wren The wren is one of the smallest birds in Britain.
Log in for sound wrestle We saw the policeman wrestle the burglar to the ground.
Log in for sound wretch The poor wretch begged for money.
Log in for sound wriggle The cave explorers had to wriggle through the tunnel.
Log in for sound wrinkle Grandma says she has a new wrinkle every day.
Log in for sound wrist She wore a gold bangle on her wrist.
Log in for sound writhe We watched the poor animal writhe in agony.
Log in for sound wrong He would not accept that he was wrong.
Log in for sound wrought The old gate is made of wrought iron.
Log in for sound write Will you write to me when you go away?
Log in for sound answer Please write your answer in the box.
Log in for sound sword The sword was very sharp. *

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