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Spelling list: Double consonants/short vowel

Learn words which have a short vowel and a double consonant.

Log in for sound Attic I have many photographs and old possessions in my attic.
Log in for sound address What is your new home address?
Log in for sound beginning My hair is beginning to go grey.
Log in for sound collect Some people like to collect things, for example, football stickers. *
Log in for sound happen The future is things that are yet to happen. *
Log in for sound brilliant I have a brilliant driving instructor.
Log in for sound bitter Lemons have a bitter taste. *
Log in for sound difficult The conversion from Dollars to Yen was difficult to make.
Log in for sound aggressive She had been aggressive in the argument.
Log in for sound necessary I will be happier with this project when I have finished all necessary modifications. *
Log in for sound successfully The challenge was completed successfully. *
Log in for sound annoyed You will be annoyed if the pancake gets scorched. *
Log in for sound apparatus Do you have the correct apparatus for this experiment?
Log in for sound brilliant I have a brilliant driving instructor.
Log in for sound collection A record is a collection of related information. *
Log in for sound traffic The police started to divert the traffic.
Log in for sound channel The rain water was passed through an underground channel.

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