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Spelling list: Short /u/ spelled ou

In these words the short sound /u/ is spelled with the letters ou.

Log in for sound touch Do not touch the objects on display.
Log in for sound young The room was full of young men.
Log in for sound double Double click to open the document.
Log in for sound trouble Please take the trouble to get things done well.
Log in for sound couple Jack and Jill make a lovely couple.
Log in for sound country China is the country with the most people.
Log in for sound cousin My young cousin is coming to stay.
Log in for sound courage I admire her courage.
Log in for sound encourage You need to encourage people to work to their best. *
Log in for sound flourish These plants will flourish in full sun.
Log in for sound nourish Nourish the soil with compost.
Log in for sound rough The path was rough and rocky.
Log in for sound tough This meat is far too tough to eat.
Log in for sound enough A dozen eggs will be enough.

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