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Spelling list: Short /u/ spelled o

In these words the short sound /u/ is spelled with the letter o. This often happens before v, n or th.

Learn about these words in unit 6. Short vowels e.g. e or ea? o or u?

Log in for sound love This letter comes with all my love.
Log in for sound glove She has some new leather gloves.
Log in for sound some Would you like some fish and chips?
Log in for sound done At last I've done all my work.
Log in for sound come I'll come round to your house.
Log in for sound month I'm going on holiday next month.
Log in for sound honey Bees make honey.
Log in for sound money How much money do you need?
Log in for sound oven Cook the beef in a very hot oven.
Log in for sound wonder I wonder who will win the next game.
Log in for sound cover Cover it up until it heals.
Log in for sound govern He will govern in a firm but fair way.
Log in for sound shovel Use that shovel to clear the snow.
Log in for sound dozen A dozen eggs will be enough.
Log in for sound other Let's walk on the other side of the street.
Log in for sound brother Kate drew a sketch of her brother.
Log in for sound another Tell us another joke.
Log in for sound worry Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.
Log in for sound Monday I love going to back to work each Monday.
Log in for sound above A swallow was flying up above.

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