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Log in for sound hospital He went to hospital so they could mend his wound.
Log in for sound accidental
Log in for sound legal The notary examined the legal documents.
Log in for sound special A birthday is a special day.
Log in for sound Angel In the old church, there was a carving of an angel.
Log in for sound royal The royal family live in that palace.
Log in for sound cancel I'd like to cancel my appointment.
Log in for sound chapel The church school had its own chapel.
Log in for sound Diesel This truck's engine runs on diesel fuel.
Log in for sound musical A lyre is an old musical intrument.
Log in for sound handle Do not damage the door handle. *
Log in for sound cruel
Log in for sound bowel The doctor said my bowel health was good.
Log in for sound gradual Evolution is a term adopted by Darwin to describe the gradual process of change and development of species. *

This Public spelling list was created by Charalambos Georgiou

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