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Spelling list: Short /i/ spelled y: Set 1

In these words the short sound /i/ is spelled with the letter y.

Log in for sound gym Get fit by working out at the gym.
Log in for sound hymn Everyone joined in the hymn singing.
Log in for sound myth A myth is a story that may be untrue.
Log in for sound crypt The space underneath a church is a crypt.
Log in for sound calypso We sang and danced to calypso music.
Log in for sound crystal Diamonds are a type of crystal.
Log in for sound cygnet A cygnet is a young swan.
Log in for sound gypsy Gypsy is my cat's name. *
Log in for sound lyric The song has difficult lyrics. *
Log in for sound mystery I love a mystery story ! *
Log in for sound oxygen The earth's atmosphere is one-fifth oxygen.
Log in for sound physics Physics is the study of matter and movement.
Log in for sound symbol This symbol means 'add' : +.
Log in for sound symptom Sneezing is a symptom of hay fever.
Log in for sound syrup Who likes syrup on their cornflakes?
Log in for sound system Windows 8 is a computer system.
Log in for sound typical Mini skirts were typical 60s fashion.

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