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Spelling list: Short /e/ spelled ea: Set 2

This list has some longer words with the short /e/ sound spelled ea.

Learn about these words in unit 6. Short vowels e.g. e or ea? o or u?

Log in for sound breakfast Call room service to order breakfast.
Log in for sound ready I thought you'd be ready by now.
Log in for sound already The door is already open.
Log in for sound steady The seat is not very steady. *
Log in for sound instead Let's walk instead of driving.
Log in for sound sweater Her new sweater was made from wool.
Log in for sound feather As light as a feather.
Log in for sound leather She has some new leather gloves.
Log in for sound heather Heather is a moorland plant.
Log in for sound weather Let's hope for some good weather.
Log in for sound heaven Many people believe there is life after death in heaven.
Log in for sound jealous She has a very jealous boyfriend.
Log in for sound meadow Dawn broke over the beautiful meadow.
Log in for sound pleasant The temperature was not too hot, just pleasant.
Log in for sound pleasure It gives me great pleasure to be here today.
Log in for sound measure Degree is the unit used to measure angle. *
Log in for sound treasure All the family took part in the treasure hunt.
Log in for sound weapon The police searched him for hidden weapons.
Log in for sound pheasant The pheasant has a long tail.

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