Spelling list: Short /e/ spelled ea: Set 1

In these words the short /e/ sound is spelled with the letters ea.

Learn about these words in Unit 6. Short vowels e.g. e or ea? o or u?

head When it is cold I always wear a hat on my head. *
dead The dead are buried in a cemetery.
dread I dread my next exam.
tread Don't tread on my clean floor.
spread Spread the bread with peanut butter.
thread Thread can be made of cotton or nylon.
deaf The baby was born blind and deaf.
death His death caused terrible grief.
breath Take a breath of fresh air.
health Fruit juice is good for your health.
stealth The enemy used stealth tactics to approach their target.
meant I meant to call you but I forgot.
sweat Jogging fast can make you sweat.
threat The defeated army no longer poses a threat.
wealthy The wealthy businessman had become a tycoon.

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