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Spelling list: Hard and Soft C

Hard and soft C

Log in for sound cinema What films are showing at the cinema?
Log in for sound Centre British English spelling They found themselves in the centre of a storm.
Log in for sound cereal Most children like cereal for breakfast.
Log in for sound camera My camera takes a good photograph.
Log in for sound calendar Mark off the dates on a calendar.
Log in for sound curtain There are cobwebs all over the curtain.
Log in for sound celebrity A well known person is a celebrity.
Log in for sound cupboard Put the files in the stationary cupboard.
Log in for sound decided I decided to see a consultant.
Log in for sound decimal The decimal numeral system has ten as its base.
Log in for sound decade A decade is a period of ten years. *
Log in for sound discuss I want to discuss the issue. *
Log in for sound receive Did you receive my last letter?
Log in for sound uncomfortable He was uncomfortable so he sat on a cushion.
Log in for sound incident A large crowd gathered at the scene of the incident.

This spelling list was created by Katherine Bennett

* This sentence was added by a Spellzone user.

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