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Spelling list: ie words

The spelling rule i before e except after c works MOST of the time but not always. This list shows many of the ie words that DO obey the rule.

Learn about these words in unit 21. The 'I' before 'e' rule – does it work?

Log in for sound field The sheep were let loose in the field.
Log in for sound brief The instructions were too brief.
Log in for sound chief The tribe elected a chief.
Log in for sound grief His death caused terrible grief.
Log in for sound relief There was great relief at the rescue.
Log in for sound mischief That child is getting up to mischief again.
Log in for sound niece My brother's daughter is my niece.
Log in for sound piece Please may I have a piece of cake?
Log in for sound siege The castle was under siege.
Log in for sound priest The priest blessed the people.
Log in for sound fierce The tiger was fierce.
Log in for sound pierce Pierce the lid before cooking.
Log in for sound achieve He wanted to achieve good grades in school.
Log in for sound believe I can't believe she has married him.
Log in for sound relieved *
Log in for sound retrieve The dog ran to retrieve the ball.
Log in for sound diesel This truck's engine runs on diesel fuel.
Log in for sound hygiene Good hygiene keeps germs away.

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