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Spelling list: soft g words

Words where the g is soft

age She is very mature for her age.
damage The crash caused much damage to my car.
garage I'll tow your car to the garage.
manage How did you manage to cadge a lift in a taxi?
rage When someone feels rage they feel extremely angry. *
tragedy Her sudden death was a great tragedy.
gym Get fit by working out at the gym.
Energy Energy is the strength or power to work.
manageable It was not manageable to do all the work in one day. *
rampage The dinosaurs went on a rampage through the forest. *
gigantic The Titanic was a gigantic ship.
religion A religion is based on belief.
generation Charlie Chaplin belonged to a generation of silent film actors. *
sergeant The sergeant barked orders at the new recruits. *
generosity The charity were touched by the generosity of the public. *
geography At school geography was one of my best subjects.

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